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Proteus Wellness

Real-Time Neuro-Biometrics
Anywhere, Anytime

Ignite Your Brain Power

What's Proteus? 

Proteus combines brainwave monitoring earbuds, an app and powerful algorithms to ignite your wellness and brain performance goals.

Proteus continuously monitors and optimizes brain and heart activities.

Proteus offers groundbreaking wellness programs for you to choose from.

The possibilities are limitless!

Proteus Earbuds

Music, Brain Health, and Wellness

  • ​Superior Sound Quality

  • In-Ear EEG

  • Heart Rate Monitor

  • ​Noise-Cancelling

  • SpO2 - Blood Oxygen

  • Temperature



In Real-Time

​Proteus APP is the portal to your brain and heart performance enhancement.

By monitoring ongoing brain activity (relaxation, concentration, etc.), Proteus can assist you to achieve your wellness goals.

Learn more how Proteus can help you to be a better you.

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Anywhere, Any Time


Auditory feedback from the earbuds can help train the brain to change itself, improving brain health and performance.


Proteus can also be used to optimize heart activity and heart-brain coherence.

Proteus delivers EEG-guided meditation, and much more.

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Brain Performance


Real-Time Neuro-Biometrics
Anywhere, Anytime

LUKE: Hey Proteus, can you give me some feedback on how to improve concentration?


PROTEUS: Hey Luke, your pace today looks excellent! 

I have added some concentration exercises to your routine.

Your heart rate is impressive today, good job!


Proteus is currently developing a series of programs.

You can customize the Proteus APP according to your goals and needs.





  • Improve brain health and performance by using auditory feedback to control brain activity

  • EEG-guided meditation

  • Biofeedback to regulate heart activity and heart-brain coherence

  • Proteus AI brain coach to guide you on the path to better health and performance

Brain Performance

  • Measure your brain and cognitive performance anytime, anywhere


  • Track sensory, executive and language function over time


  • Assessments can be passive (listening to tunes) or active (playing games using the app and earbud)


  • AI brain coach uses this to suggest changes to improve performance


  • Track in real time brain rhythms reflecting relaxation, attention focus, mental clarity, and more


  • In-ear EEG can also monitor heart activity


  • Heart-brain coherence is important for autonomic regulation hence better health


  • Tracking of brain and heart activity provide tracking for neurofeedback to improve health and performance

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Brain and Heart Monitoring


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Proteus earbuds come loaded with sensors to provide the most complete neurofeedback and neuro-biometrics reports.

Proteus provides accurate neurofeedback reports, customized by you to enhance your brain performance and overall wellness. 

EEG sensors

You can set your goals to track in real-time your brain rhythms reflecting relaxation, attention focus, mental clarity, and more.

Heart rate and magnetometer

By monitoring your brain and heart coherence, you can keep your autonomic nervous system well-balanced. 
Heart rate monitoring for your workout goals.


SpO2 + EEG

You can create goals to achieve high-quality sleep. Proteus provides tools for you to understand how your brain functions while asleep.

Five medical grade microphones

The power of the sounds program offers focused listening in challenging environments. 
Proteus earbuds' transparency mode allows you to listen to environmental sounds that are important to you.


Accelerometers placed in the earbuds serve different purposes.

  • Fall detection

  • Sleep monitoring

  • Activity monitoring

Temperature + SpO2 + heart rate

Track your breathing rate, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, SpO2 and skin temperature to uncover changes in your well-being.

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