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Brain Bioelectric Activity



Proteus Neuro medical division is developing new applications for its in-ear EEG technology. By providing patients and clinicians with wearable brain monitoring technology, we open new avenues for optimizing treatments for numerous conditions.

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Proteus' earbuds re-tune sounds that overwhelm a child to help them process speech better. Parents, pediatric audiologists and speech-language pathologists will be able to work with children in the spectrum wearing Proteus earbuds to assist them in improving their speech-processing ability.

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Depression & Anxiety 

It has been shown that combining in-ear-EEG with machine learning can reliably decode moods.  This will empower patients with conditions such as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), together with clinicians, to monitor mood, sleep, and cognitive state closely throughout the day to optimize medical treatment and daily activity to help manage these conditions.  We will also provide easily accessible methods to help improve mood – such as neurofeedback and guided meditation.

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Seizure Prediction

Predicting when seizures may happen can help you to be prepared and safe.  Moreover, tracking spikes between seizures can help tell if a medication works well.  We can also track brain function, helping to get a good overall sense of how medication works and providing patients and clinicians with wearable monitoring of EEG throughout the day, including alerts when seizures occur.

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